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Sliding Sash Windows

Sliding sash windows are a great addition to Georgian or Victorian style homes, or as a means to add a classical flourish to a modern building. Decorative horns and Ovolo frames enhance this windows classical aesthetics. With these windows, you get to experience the unique design of the Georgian and Victorian era, but with the durability and security of modern precision engineering.

Our windows are environmentally sustainable, and our uPVC fittings are easily recyclable. These windows can be fitted to the highest grade of energy efficiency. We offer a time-efficient, non-intrusive window fitting service, or if you would prefer, we can simply deliver the windows and you can fit them yourself.

Features and Benefits

Sliding Sash Windows Tilt & Turn


All of our sliding sash windows are built from the highest quality uPVC and are fitted to the highest possible standard. All of our windows are designed to be high-security, durable, low-maintenance and thermally efficient, as well as aesthetically pleasing.

Sliding Sash Windows Tilt & Turn

Safe and Secure

The sliding sash window has been especially designed to keep intruders out of your home. Two innately robust casement panels provide the base of the window, while an aluminium anti-jemmy bar prevents the sash from being forcefully levered open.

Easy to Clean

Creatively designed, the sliding sash window’s panels tilt inwards so that the outer panes can be easily cleaned from inside the home. This means you can clean your exterior window panes without ever having to step foot outside the house.

Thermally Efficient Sliding Sash Windows

Our windows boast incredible thermal efficiency and environmental friendliness. The sliding sash window itself is comprised of two casement window panels which are proven to retain heat extremely well, meaning you save money on your heating bills.

Additionally, our windows are fitted with triple brush seals around the openings, to keep your home completely draught proofed throughout the colder months. This means your home will remain warm all year around, with lower running costs.

Sustainable Products

These windows comply with the BREEAM standard and the Code of Sustainable Homes. Therefore, you can trust in the sustainability of our products and practices.

Fully Accredited Designs

Our windows are accredited by BBA (British Board of Agrément) and BSI (British Standards Institute), so you can be confident about the performance of our products

Secured by Design

The sliding sash windows have been meticulously tested by the Secured by Design initiative to ensure that they meet the highest security targets.

Sliding Sash Windows Prices

To receive a free quote on our sliding sash windows, please contact us on our online quotes page. All other queries can be directed to our online contact page.

A Choice of Styles and Colours

The sliding sash window is available in several different colours and styles. Choose from a more modern looking white or cream, or aim more traditional with a wood-style finish.

With an incredible variety of shapes, sizes, colours, finishes and decorative accents, we have a window for every home and every personal aesthetic.

Obscured Glass Options

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Charcoal Sticks™
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windows dunstable leighton buzzard
windows dunstable leighton buzzard

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